NIFF LONDON - New Indipendent Film Festival 2021


The NIFF London Film Festival announced the winners for the 2021  competition, awarding top honors from this year’s program.

More than 360 features and short films from 28 countries have participated in the Festival 2020. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the awards ceremony in London due to the coronavirus pandemic. “The NIFF London will return in 2022 with more initiatives launched to promote, support and explore independent cinema”, said the festival director Angelo Antonucci. “I want to thank every single one of you for your participation and time. I invite you to follow us for updates on this website or on the official social media channels".


Information on the winners of the NIFF London Film Festival 2021 is below:

Best Feature Film

Broken Down

Harold, a guilt-ridden agoraphobic, must overcome the confines of his self-imposed prison to save a boy who has risked everything to help him. Broken Down is a powerful drama that explores how the journey to conquering the demons within begins by letting the heart reach out to others in need.

Director Jessy Cale Williamson

Best Documentary

Built lands

In the late 60s a group of artists decides to settle in a village in the ‘darkest-deepest’ Spain. Today only Felix Cuadrado Lomas still remains there, determined to reflect the landscape which surrounds him: the lands built by those who work on them.

Director Arturo Dueñas Herrero

Best Actor e best Actress

Lottie Johansson   “Vanna”

Niklas Lebowski Jacobsson  “Alex”

Film: “Epilogue”

Director  Robert Melo

Epilogue is a relationship drama that takes place between the main characters Vanna and Alex. They meet by chance on an unforgettable night in the swedish town Norrköping when Vanna suddenly jumps into Alex's car. It is a night that takes them back to memories and to future dreams. It's a night that will change their lives forever.

Best Short Film

The Taste of Pomegranate

Guifen's husband is a migrant worker who has been working away from home for many years. Inside the family there is her son studying in elementary school and the formidable mother-in-law who constantly suppresses her with feudal ideology such as female virtues and children bearing for the family. Accidentally Guifen discovers her son's eccentric habit of dressing like a girl. On one hand, she finds ways to make out whether her son truly has such tendency or is a transvestite. On the other, she conceals this from her mother-in-law. Through communication with her son, Guifen makes up her mind to help her son be his true self rather than trapped in suppressive feudal ideology, fighting against her mother-in-law together with her son.

Director  Wendy Chen

Best Animation movie 


"Journey", a Taiwanese language short( Written in Chinese as: "三彩船之梦“) is based on the true story of a young Taiwanese painter, set in the 1930s. The Artist, Kuo Hsueh-Hu struggled to become an artist, at a time where the artistic profession was less respected and impractical. With support from his mother, a single parent, went against all odds, worked diligently, finally getting recognition for his work. He later went on to become a very successful painter. His works are collected all over the world. He died in 2012 at the age of 104. The short film was Executive Produced by Mr. Kuo's son and the Kuo Hsueh-Hu foundation.

Directed by Hock Wong